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“Rise of the Divine Feminine” 


9' x 14" archival giclee print on stretched canvas.


A moment in history where the feminine identity is being restored to its true glory.  

An image that came to me at a time of tremendous change in awareness of the power dynamic of the patriarchy.

Terrence McKenna speaks of the mushroom acting as a liaison to our Nature Mother, getting us back in touch with our truth and duality. We are so out of balance that we have defaulted to giving up power to men.

The bottom left corner is the busts of women blown out of proportion by society; you need a skinny waist, big boobs and a phat ass to be beautiful! Meanwhile, their heads are missing, an indicator of the loss of identity that has happened over hundreds and thousands of years.


In the bottom right  is a tortoise is one with her head back on, symbolizing the slow  and powerful process, but that the feminine and power identity IS returning. The goddess in everyone. Waiting patiently for us to step into our true power, to embrace all with love, and to nurture ourselves so we can nurture others.


A giant baby wearing a business suit with a church on his head, represents the toxic patriarchy/ church structure that has kept women out of power and thinking they are not capable. Meanwhile the main character, based on my beautiful divine friend Pam (@222pam222), is lost in a moment, realizing there was never a separation, she is the bridge directly to the divine. In her bouquet the shape of a womb, we see the pollinators; the bugs and the bees and the butterflies. 

The caterpillar and the chrysalis are symbolic of this transformation we are all undergoing collectively. Is darkness is just us in the cocoon? Will rise with wings spread and fly further than we even imagined? The choice is ours.


  • 8" x 14"' canvas print on wood
  • Printed with high quality, solvent free inks
  • Beautiful image quality with black sides, ready for framing or hanging.

“Rise of the Divine Feminine” Limited Edition Canvas Print

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