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Mystery lies at the heart and soul of creativity.

At the core of his work, this rings true as they are channeled and centered around the great mysteries of life. Consciousness, the novelty of life on earth, the spirit body connection, where thoughts go in dreams, and our very first origins as humans. Pushing past limits, allowing a power to take over and creating mind blowing imagined landscapes, characters, and worlds are driving factors in his creation. 

What generates such a timeless quality to his works is the great unknowing. Psychedelic stretchings of reality, compositions of rigid and bending geometries and the abstraction of an archetype moving from the brush to the canvas. Often very freestyled and built up over many thin layers, they evolve over the span of months and years: made by hands, connected to hearts.

Hailing from the far northern reaches of NY, Mysterylias is a multidisciplinary artist creating works in a variety of mediums, from acrylic & oil paintings to digital design and large scale mural imaginings. ​

For live painting, original artwork, & commission inquiries please fill out the contact form or email

Meet Mysterylias:

VoyageMIA interview.

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